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May 2, 2014



At AutoGlass Shop we take your privacy and your business VERY seriously. Recently it has come to our attention that a former employee was able to compromise our system and remove information relating to our previous customers. The employee then took that information and took it to other glass shops. We have identified two shops in the Arizona market that are using OUR customers information. The two shops that are calling and harassing our former customers are:


Above The Rest Auto Glass and Fairway Auto Glass.


These two companies appear to have the same or similar ownership. We KNOW this is taking place because our OWN employees receive calls from these two companies REGULARLY, and have NEVER done business with them in the past. They impersonate US, and if you decline or get mad, you think we did it. If you agree to the service because of the relationship you have with us, they then let you know that they are one of the two companies listed above.


We are working with State and Local Authorities to get this behavior to stop. Should you have any information regarding this behavior, or you are continually harassed, we URGE you to file a complaint with the Department of Insurance or The State Attorney General's office.


Yes, we do make follow up calls to our customers:

Both to get feedback on the quality of our service and your satisfaction as well as to discuss any additional needs you may have.


January 12, 2014


We are not going to lie to you. YES, we do call our previous customers to see how the work went to insure there aren’t any additional needs for our services as this is OUR way of maintaining a rapport with all of our customers. In lieu of that, we do use a very complex state of the art system to make absolutely CERTAIN we do not violate ANY State or National laws in relations to telemarketing. We NEVER make contact with a customer more than once every 90 days, AND we will ALWAYS accommodate our customers request to be put on the "Do Not Call List".


We just wanted to let you know that if at ANY time you feel as though we are calling too much, OR you would like to be removed from the Auto Glass Shop call list, please call 480.385.2502. Ask to speak to Shannon or Kim, and they will IMMEDIATELY go in to our system and remove your information so you never get called again BY US.


We want our customers to enjoy our services not make them angry. What sense would that make. We really are only wanting to make sure the work we performed is satisfactory, and to offer our services again if needed. We continue to have many customers just like yourself that ENJOY this service, but we recognize it is not for everyone. SO again, if you would like to be removed, please ask. If you are getting repeated calls on a weekly or monthly basis, we assure you we want it to stop as much if not more than you do.


Thank you for visiting our website, thanks for understanding that our intentions are NEVER disingenuous, and most of all, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service your auto glass needs.



AutoGlass Shop, LLC.

June 12, 2014

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